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September 19, 2014

Ok, here is the scenario, you are an IT tech thrust into a chaotic mess of computers and other crap that someone else has dumped on you then they chuck deuces and leave telling you to have fun. You have some basic documentation but about 200 workstations and no network or AD structure to rely on. Even worse the corporate bean counters are all over you to save as much money as possible and not go wild with expensive equipment. However they do expect to be able to download a movie in mere seconds and store whatever they want on a NFS (Network File System). Sounds fun right? The next few posts will start you out on the overview of how to get everything organized and running so you can start to make sense of the !@#$$ !@#$!@#$ mess you just walked into.

First things first, inventory. Find out what you have and document the ever living !@#$ out of it. It will help you later when you are trying to gauge your assets and find out what you can salvage and what you need to throw away.

Next identify the critical assets for the company. Along your way start keeping track of any passwords etc you come across but don’t be a fool and keep it written on a piece of paper stuffed in a folder either. That is just asking for someone with a cellphone and a opportunity to ruin your day. Use a layer of protection that is FREE and store that data somewhere safe.


Finally start creating a network diagram of the geographical locations as a road map for creating a network, and to pitch it to the bean counters so you can justify the expensive equipment you want to buy and what it will do for them.

You can dig your way out of the mess, just remember when you are going to eat a !@#$ sandwich, take it a bit at a time and try to have some mustard on hand.